ImpressArt®, the world’s leader in metal stamping, offers cutting edge metal stamping tools and supplies developed to provide a successful experience for the metal stamping novice and enthusiast. It is our goal to make it easy for everyone to make a great impression with beautiful DIY jewelry and craft projects.

Until recently, almost all letter punches on the market were made to serve the industrial machine shop and tooling industries. With the growing popularity of custom metal stamped jewelry, we created ImpressArt’s expansive line of metal stamps specifically for makers. As our business grew, our focus expanded to include tools, kits, and blanks developed for optimum function and style. From our oft imitated brass stamping hammer to our innovative Soft Strike™ stamping blanks, we are leading the way in the metal stamping category.

ImpressArt metal stamps are precision-cut from hardened steel, and are designed to last project after project. We test our stamps regularly to assure they have a sufficient rockewell hardness and are perfectly aligned.

Wolter Corp. is the parent company to the ImpressArt brand. Visit www.Wolter-Corp.com to learn more.